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Dive Brunei & Rainforest Discovery I
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Brunei offers a multitude of diving adventures - either you want to experience the feeling of weightlessness and breathing underwater for the first time or go visit one of the many wreck and reef sites as a certified diver. Brunei's wrecks are considered one of the most famous dive sites for certified recreational and technical divers fascinated about wreck diving. The American and Australian WWII shipwrecks are just a few of the fascinating underwater world Brunei has to offer. In order to make your dive experience more unique we combined the dive adventure with a fantastic opportunity to discover the beautiful rainforest of Borneo. You will experience a traditional boat ride to the National Park and experience the hospitality of the local Iban culture as well as trek your way up the Canopy Walkway to enjoy a breathtaking view of the lush greenery. Note: For this trip you need your minimum certification level has to be Open Water Diver.

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